It can be difficult to trust a new contractor. We hope the following testimonials will help you feel more at-ease in your decision to work with KCP Energy.

Sara Renner

There is no better feeling than having a bath from water heated from the sun. I would recommend this system and KCP energy to anyone looking to make a difference in reducing their
energy consumption.

Marlo Raynolds

For our project KCP Energy delivered superior customer service by providing a professional
assessment of our needs and opportunities, and then delivering and installing a top quality

Bert Dyck

We are very pleased with the solar water heating project that Geoff Domenico and KCP Energy installed in our home this past year. The system supplies most of our hot water heating; It worked well from the start and we have never had to make any adjustments, although Geoff has been out
a couple of times to monitor the system We recommend KCP Energy and its staff for projects
such as this. Geoff and his staff are courteous and get the job done within the quoted price

Doug Protz, Vice President Elk Run Homes

We recently completed our first Solar system on one of our multi-family projects in Canmore and
we couldn’t be happier with Geoff and the people of KCP. Very easy people to work with and
they provide a system that I feel has great value. They also took care to make sure the install was
done well. We will definitely be using additional Solar systems in the future.

Thomas Grandi

It feels great to harness the power of the sun and see the temperature gauge rise on a sunny day.
Geoff did a great job installing the system and answering all of my questions: he is a real

Richard Hall – Calgary

I was looking for a company for installing and connecting a small solar array on my garage roof. A few friends in the Alberta Renewable Energy Alliance, who are solar enthusiasts helped me find and compare several companies, including KCP energy. We researched each one and landed on a decision to try KCP. Geoff and Jennifer at KCP were extremely helpful from the start, even when we were just at the research stage. Their pricing was at the front of the pack, their installation plan and materials were of high quality, and they provided lots of helpful advice in the financing to arrive at the most suitable payment plan, as well as helping plan our installation and structure to get the most from the array. Jennifer helped me through the entire process, letting me know exactly what I had to do at each step of the way – even after installation, she helped me through the full process and got me to the point that I was finally producing power. They were extremely supportive and helped me out even when my own electrical contractor had some issues with his own work to commission and finally connect the array to the grid. Dennis and Sylvain had my little installation for my 12 panel array up in a day. And KCP followed up with me to check on how my installation was producing, finding and fixing a panel that wasn`t producing power, and further providing me with the ability to monitor production on all panels.

Bottom line – KCP made my solar install a painless, hassle-less, economic, even pleasurable, experience. I am very grateful for their helping me produce being my own clean energy in the years to come.

Kudos to KCP

Bill Hunt in Canmore

“I can’t thank you guys enough. I was very impressed that you took it upon yourself to monitor my system during the first year, and that it was you who initiated a meeting when you felt my system wasn’t quite performing as you’d forecast. I was even more impressed when you took immediate steps (in February!) to correct this problem. That kind of professionalism, honesty
and integrity, from a business, is very much appreciated – thank you! I would recommend KCP Energy to anyone considering a solar system in the southern Alberta.”

Craig in Calgary

I have nothing but great things to say about KCP Energy and my solar install and deployment. Once contacted by Enmax, Dennis, Geoff and Sylvain were on the scene nearly immediately. Apparently, my clay roof tiles presented a unique challenge and required some intense head scratching and ingenuity. The team actively began investigating and quickly discovered the necessary product in the US. Within a couple of weeks, Sylvain and his install crew were up on my dangerous snow-covered roof in -20C weather installing the brackets. The entire system was installed in short order whilst Jennifer et al made all the necessary arrangements with Enmax and the electricians.
I am happy to say I am now making my own electricity !!

When I am not neurotically monitoring my electricity production with the Enphase envoy/website, I am using it to drive my Tesla Model S around town and off the grid !
I now have another great reason to pray for sun !!!
Many thank you’s to KCP energy and their crew. It was a delight to work with them !

Joey O’Brien – Canmore

My home was the recipient of the towns subsidy and KCP’s installation. We were totally happy with the service, the installation team and post installation service and support. I give them a 10/10.

Mark and Eva H.

KCP was very professional in all aspects and a pleasure to deal with. Our system is working well and looks really snazzy on the roof!

Maureen Topps – Calgary

I worked with Geoff and KCP Energy in 2014 as part of an MBA assignment reviewing the business plan of a small company. What stood out for me then was their commitment to customer service and support. So when my husband and I decided to install solar panels, we had all the company information we needed and no choice was necessary. As a client, I can reiterate that their customer focus, service and support is outstanding.

Colleen Campbell

This past winter and spring I had a sense that my electric power bills were persistently increasing, in spite of invoking more and more small ways to keep them in check. I did not like the comparison of the past several years, decided to offset them somehow and called KCP to ask a few questions about solar. Both Dennis and Geoff answered questions (benefits, costs, process) clearly, explained how a roof solar system works, and options (purchase vs rental) very clearly and without any pressure on me. I opted for solar for reasons that include the benefit to myself (I am credited with excess production against my household account) and because any excess production offsets some of the coal (burning) we use to produce electricity in Alberta. Every person who worked at my house installing the panels, linking them to my electric system and installing the new (reversing) meter was professional and respectful. The process was smooth and efficient and all my questions have been answered. KCP has responsive, reliable and professional from start to finish.

Taylor Chambers, Calgary

KCP Energy was the subcontractor to Enmax when I signed up to get solar panel system for my home through Enmax. Over all KCP was professional in all matters from the install crew from installing the solar panels to the electrical contractor used to wire the system in place. They arrived on the date they stated and left with no messes left behind. All staff has been very easy to communicate with and have been very helpful in filing all paper work that was required, answering all my inquiries and being the go between myself and Enmax. Over all I would recommend KCP to my friends and family contemplating putting on solar panels onto their homes.

Anthony and Janet, Exshaw

Very professional team with a high standard of workmanship. Highly recommended.

Nico Bernard, Priddis, AB

KCP was very open and honest on how the solar system will work and what I can expect in payback period. They were also very patient in explaining how much power the system will generate, how it connects to the grid and how the installation process will work. Since the system was installed I have been monitoring the generation through an online website. This is a lot of fun to see in detail how the system performs in relation to the weather. I will definitely recommend KCP for your solar installation.


Ryan Franklin

I found KCP to be very professional, fast, friendly and very accommodating of my restricted schedules. I would highly recommend KCP Energy for anyone looking to have any solar installation.

Bob and Priscilla Janes

KCP Energy installed solar panels on our home and this project exceeded all of our expectations. Geoff and Dennis are skilled professionals &emdash; knowledgeable, reliable, responsive and gracious. We look forward to working with them again when we expand our system.

Ron and Cathy Stanners

Put simply, Geoff and Travis were able to refit, rebuild and install necessary equipment to get the
system running in perfect condition. Something no one else was able to do. It was all done in
stages with our option as to how far we wanted to go. The work was done efficiently and on time
with the best of attitudes and a friendly business manner. We went through a lot of trades when
we built our home and we lost respect for many of them. When you find someone you can rely
on and don’t have that feeling they’re sticking their hands in your pocket, you keep them. KCP,
Geoff and his associates are keepers. Thanks guys.

Kathy Stankievech in Calgary

Geoff was excellent to work with. He was very thorough, he was great about answering all of our
questions and explaining things in a way that we could understand even the technical elements. I
was able to have open conversations with him about what we needed and he would make
recommendations and suggestions based on his experience, but be flexible if we needed things to
work a different way because of the project. His team was efficient and great to work with as
well. I would highly recommend him – I really don’t have any negative comments to offer – our
experience was very positive and we have since passed on his name to friends.

Brenda in Banff

Geoff helped us replace our old crappy furnace and hot water tank with a boiler, solar hot water
system and modern forced air heat. They did a great job, were clean and quick. Geoff was
especially honest and professional, when subcontractors encountered cost overruns (our project
was the first multi-appliance install/whole mechanical room re-fit for all professionals involved)
Geoff ensured that our cost remained within the original estimate. Our new system works
wonderfully, furnace is quite and the system is odorless (our old flame based furnace would have
a burnt dusty smell from time to time and occasional scent of flame). The monthly consumption
savings have been significant… I especially enjoyed the refund I received in August because the
gas company had so badly overestimated our consumption for a few months that they had to
readjust the bill to reflect that! Geoff pioneered this kind of environmentally friendly heat system
here in the Bow Valley… so he knows his stuff!

Craig McLaren B.Sc.(Geol)

I love new and innovative ideas and KCP Energy delivers just that. I recently had a domestic solar hot water, boiler and fancoil system installed and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The system is extremely efficient and I have already found a substantial drop in my utility bills after just a few months. The quality of the work was excellent. Geoff and his crew were professional, fast, clean and quiet, making the whole experience a positive one. Geoff offered a very thorough explanation of the system, as well as the environmental and financial benefits, and was always available for questions. I would definitely recommend KCP Energy to anyone. It’s great having a system that helps save the environment, but even better having one that saves you money as well.

Karin and Louis Marino

Once we had confirmed the installation, it took no time for them to come and install the system,
and whenever we had questions about the system and how it works, they came back and
explained everything in a more than timely manner! We are tremendously happy with the system,
knowing that most of our hot water comes from renewable energies, installed and maintained by
real professionals who care!! Thank you Geoff and KCP Energy,

Peadar O’Rian, VP Operations Riverdale Homes

We chose to go with KCP Energy because their solar thermal solution met our needs. I feel it is
up to all of us to do our part for future generations.

Sally Caudill, Town of Canmore

The Town of Canmore has worked with Geoff Domenico and KCP Energy for several solar
projects. KCP has made it possible for our municipality to move closer to sustainability by
incorporating solar energy into several of our facilities. KCP makes it easy and convenient for
municipalities to utilize solar energy as a viable energy alternative.

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