Commercial Solar

KCP Energy is an industry leader in commercial solar installations. Contact us if your business has an appropriate situation and you want to power your buildings with their own rooftops.

We have tackled the three largest jobs in Southern Alberta.

Whitehorn Multi-Services Center ? Calgary, AB

Southern Alberta?s largest roof-top solar installation, consisting of a 415 kW roof-mount system. This consists of 1340 panels (305 Watt modules), a SolarEdge optimizer inverter system, all on an Aerorack 20o ballasted racking solution.

This entire job was completed in just 6 weeks in December 2016.

Southland Leisure Center ? Calgary, AB

The third-largest installation in southern Alberta, boasting a 153 kW roof-mount system, consisting of 600 panels (Renesola 255 Watt modules), a SolarEdge optimizer and inverter system, and an Aerorack 20o ballasted racking solution.

We completed this in?August 2015 (on time and on budget).

See the live SolarEdge energy production feed from our largest project to date: the Southland Leisure Centre.

You can also watch a video of the Southland Leisure Centre’s installation (which was a partnership with ENMAX Energy) here: Body, Soul, and Solar!.

Take a look at our?YouTube Project video:
And an EnMax link with Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s interview on the roof.
C:\Users\Office\Downloads\Southland_LC_roof_locations (1).jpg

Glenmore Water Treatment Plant ? Calgary, AB

Southern Alberta?s second largest roof-top solar installation, sporting a 287 kW roof-mount system.

This was a challenging job as it was performed on the operational buildings?for a highly-sensitive, freshwater supply for a city of over 1 million people.