Who We Are

KCP Energy has been installing solar energy systems in Alberta from before solar was cool. For over ten years we have focused on energy efficiency, solar heating, and solar electric systems on both large-scale commercial and enlightened residential properties. We help homeowners use less and save more by assessing your home?s current efficiency and then installing the right solution.
We do it all: from a free assessment of your solar potential, to providing financing for your project, to the installation, energizing, permitting, and inspections.
And we’re really good at it. In 2011 we won Homestar’s ?Contractor of the Year? award, and in 2014, we were awarded the Game Changer of the Year by CanSIA (the Canadian Solar Industries Association), and we did the largest commercial rooftop solar installation in Southern Alberta (Whitehorn Recreation Centre, 2016).

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Why We Exist

With young children and a strong belief that climate change is real, we decided to create a business that would help us and others to move towards living sustainably. The thought of talking to our grown children and explaining that ?yes, we did believe climate change was occurring but no, we did not do anything to try to help? was a great motivator for us to take action. We decided that creating a renewable energy company with easily-installed, proven technology was one concrete thing we could do to move us all forward.

Your Installation Team

Geoff Domenico, President and CEO
Lee Sinal, Sales Manager
Nick Crotty, Master Electrician
Valerie Akinson, Cordinator and Sales
Jerry Auld, Animations and Back Office


(403) 800-3107
Calgary, AB
(403) 675-2211
Canmore, AB


We take ethical business practices seriously, and we’ve embedded safety into our culture, that’s why we are a member of CanSIA and have signed their Ethics and Standards code of conduct, and why we are a certified workplace safety organization. Our business is grounded in Alberta and we have a solid track record which is why Alberta Treasury Branches has partnered with us to provide the financing for any residential installation. We are your one-stop shop for roof-top solar.

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